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, the trouble moves inland, floods now far worse than anticipated. >> steve: man, look at those pictures. meanwhile, airlines will be busy today untangling what a mess of their own. travelers strangsded with nothing to do but wait. will they fly today or tomorrow or the next day? stay tuned. >> brian: and, just one of the incredible scenes from hurricane irene. a lifeguard shack gets watched away in long beach, new york. we will have the story and hear from one of the lifeguards coming up. "fox & friends" starts right now. captions by closed captioning services [rooster crowing] >> alisyn: good morning, everybody, thanks for joining us bright and early. we are up early to give you the aftermath of irene. she wreaked a lot of havoc in and around new york city. new york city not so much. connecticut, jersey, upstate new york a the love damage this morning. >> steve: indeed. good morning ali and brian: how he was impacted directly by irene. brian and i are appearing today via no electricity at our homes, limited water. this is like the pioneer days. >> alisyn: that explains a few things. >
for that report. we appreciate it. steve? >> thanks, juliet. almost 48 years ago, martin luther king jr. shared his dream with the world from washington. >> i have a dream that one day this nation will rise up, live out the true meaning of its creed. >> those words that are etched in the fabric of our nation's history will now be etched in stone. the martin luther king jr. memorial will be dedicated officially in washington, d.c. this sunday on the 48th anniversary of the "i have a dream" speech. joining us is the director of african-american outreach for priests for life and niece of dr. martin luther king jr., alvita king. good morning to you. >> hi, steve. >> great to have you, dr. king. this is not only a great day when they dedicate this for your family but great day for america. >> and actually, i'll be there with my mother and my aunt christine and my mother naomi and dexter and martin and bernice. it was just a wonderful time. >> and i mentioned a moment ago that there are going to be apparently over a dozen inspirational quotes on the walls there of what your uncle said. and this is im
this but nonetheless, the meter is running. >> certainly is. as the day ticks down. good morning, steve, gretchen and peter. it appears president obama should get out his bill signing pen. he may need it sometime after around noon today to sign new legislation raising the nation's debt ceiling. the house voted 259-161 to pass, to raise america's borrowing limit. immediately $400 billion and then by another $1.5 to $2 trillion over time. while the top senate democrat wasn't making any promises, he suggests that the bill should pass the senate. >> i'm a long time member of congress. and i never count my votes until they're cast. so i'm hopeful but know that the republicans are going to have to produce some votes and we're going to have to produce some votes and i'm not here to declare victory. we have to get this thing passed. >> while it does appear that there is enough bipartisan support in the senate to get it to the president to sign, one of the top tea party republicans in the senate intends to vote against it. and suggests that the $2 trillion in spending cuts and spending caps don't go far
: barak, california. gaithersburg, maryland. republican, steve. caller: looking forward to reading the book. i have to tell you as a moderate republican, i thought cheney was a good congressman. i thought he was a fantastic secretary of defense and the gulf war and i would argue one of the worst vice-president we have ever had. very disappointed. i voted first term for him, and the second, unfortunately because of him. i will be interested to read his book to see what his take is. so far from what you have been reading from the reviews, this seems like a guy who was always good and blaming everybody else for failures of the bush administration. host: go ahead. finish up, steve. caller: when of the previous callers -- we are entitled to our own opinions and not entitled to our own facts. the iraq war when it comes to the facts, i have yet to see facts about weapons of mass destructions. i still think we should have gone in regardless. but a previous caller, a fellow republican, the valerie plame story, that there was no connection between him. you can stretch and say there was no di
happening all week long to celebrate the life of dr. king. today is d.c. day. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. >>> irene is expected to become a major category 3 hurricane later today. by thursday it could become a category 4. the last hurricane to make landfall in the u.s. was ike which pounded texas in 2008. >>> that may happen later this weekend. as for today, it will be beautiful. >> glorious start. temperatures are falling back into the low 50s in many spots and sunshine expected for most of the day. low 80s for afternoon highs. let's get a look at the numbers. impressive stuff. some of the coolest temperatures in two months time here in downtown washington. 64 at reagan national. frederick 50 degrees. 55 in hagerstown. 56 in ocean city. great looking start. it should be a beautiful day today. a few clouds moving through from time to time but things should remain dry as high pressure continues to work on in here from the west. not much to show you. lots of clear skies and we are expecting plenty of sunshine today. the forecast for tuesday, mostly sunny sk
'll call the straw poll. they say it's a circus, looks like fun. steve brown is there live in ames and we've got to ask you, steve. what have you sampled? it's a political carnival. the only place i can think of where you can sign a wind blade from one of the huge wind turbines, energy generating turbines. and that's here and folks that generate electricity make the turbines, want to tell folks, hey, we would like the attention of voters as well. this is the line to get into the beef sundays offered by the michele bachmann campaign. some of them have been in line 45 minutes and that's an indication of not only perhaps how good the sundae is about you how big the draw in her particular tent. by the way, is air conditioned. that's an air conditioned tent up over that way. michele bachmann is in line to be a traditional winner. at least a favorite to come out on top in terms of the vote total when all of these folks get done voting by the end of the day and the polls close at four o'clock central time and that will be five o'clock eastern. but rick santorum also has an opportunity to win and
." nevertheless, steve deucy and not steve deucy have their own set of facts. >> clearly nickelodeon is pushing a global warming agenda. the big question is is it manmade or is it just one of those gigantic climactic, you know, phases? the science on both sides, there are a lot of scientists who say it's this. others say it's that. >> right. it's unproven science. and again, this is a public education system that we all pay our tax dollars for. and the spongebob book says it's a manmade problem that requires human intervention. >> they're presenting it as fact. >> as fact. >> facts aside, miss carlson admits that her main issue with the cartoon's titular character is its intricate plotline. >> my kids watch a lot of tv but anytime they choose that show i'm like, why? it's hard to even follow sometimes. >> joining me now is eric burns, democratic strategist and founder of bullfight strategies. mr. burns, welcome to the show. >> thank you, michael. how are you? >> i'm doing fine. should we be disturbed that a cartoon sponge knows more about facts than the hosts of "fox and friends"? >> yeah, i me
to steve. >>> sal, we have some sun for some but there's a lot of fog. inland areas already getting the sun and temperatures will cool down, lows in the 50s. highs instead of 90-degree temperatures low and mid-80s. fog and sun. sunny and breezy at times. today, tomorrow about the same. looks like everything is poised for a cooldown, a rather strong system for mid-august is developing and will take shape and dive into northern california and probably early next week as well. fog has been there all week long but it was compressed, which means more fog and low clouds. highs 50s and 60s by the coast. should be around 67. we're going 64 for would the -- downtown san francisco. the low clouds are from eureka to los angeles and san diego. cold in the mountains. truckee is 34. 38 at tahoe. the nights are getting cold fast. 50s already. 53 to 59. 59 in hayward. 55 san jose. 56 fairfield. getting an increase in the fog. west, southwest fairfield at 20 with a gust at 30. that is double what it was. that's a shine that inland temps are struggling. high pressure is building in the pacific right there. a
at the national cathedral this morning. it's friday morning, august 12, 2011. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm tony perkins in for allison. a fine start to the day as far as weather goes. >> comfortable. >> tucker barnes joins us now with a look at the day ahead. >> it's friday, don't forget that. >> yes. >> good combination. beautiful weather and friday. let's get to the numbers and comfortable conditions across the region. 70 now reagan national. that's one of our coolest temperatures so far this month. 65 at dulles. 59 winchester. 55 this morning in frederick. ocean city 59 degrees. a great looking start. should be plenty of sunshine today. another mostly sunny day today and again, temperatures are going to be hanging out later this afternoon in the mid- to upper 80s. i don't have much to show you because not much on the map. quiet conditions to ohio and michigan. high pressure to our west will be moving overhead today. dry today. changes for the weekend. i'll show you that in just a minute. sunshine today. another beautiful afternoon. 8# 7 your daytime high. more details on the forecast in just
are on the ground and check in with steve harrigan. >> reporter: real mystery both about colonel gadhafi and his son saif. we were told he was in prison, 50 miles of south of the capital. we were later told he was in prison in benghazi our Ñd to saif. a real credibility gap in this war continues. what we have noticed is a change in mood among rebels we've been traveling with. yesterday they were on the verge of euphoria, talking about gadhafi being captured. tripoli being captured. a day later saif saying about a possible trap, having a ring of truth. gadhafi's government used a scud missile against its own people, they used tanks, heavy casualties as the fighting continues on both sides in the libyan capital one positive news for the rebels our security team has confirmed they've taken control of the international airport in tripoli that is important real estate and a real gain for these rebels. we could be looking at bloody fighting, urban warfare in the days ahead. >> sean: steve harrigan in libya. joining me with analysis of the breaking developments host of war stories here on the fox news cha
their teens risk of substance abuse than anyone else. a word of appreciation -- i would like to thank steve wagner, the president of qev analytics and in his work developing the survey and analyzing the data as he has done for many words and to kathleen woods-king who worked with steve. let me go to the slides and take you through this in more detail. every year we have survey advisers who give us -- who review our survey, review our questions, review our analysis. this year we did 12 nationally representative surveys. one was by telephone as you can see about half boys and half of girls and one over the internet about half boys and half girls, a little more boys, and of the parents of about 500 of the parents of those boys and girls. each year we asked teens what are their top concerns. as you can see, drugs, tobacco, and alcohol along with social pressures which include pressure to smoke or drink or use drugs are clearly their top concern. we asked parents the same question. we ask what they think their teens' top concern is? very few of them responded the same way. on to social networki
at a fairfield restaurant but then the employees turned the tables on him and steve larz shows us the violent crime of opportunity ended with a friendly gesture. >> reporter: it happened at closing time. look closely a masked man with a shotgun pushes this employee inside. but hinting at what's to come, the employee bats the shotgun away with his hand. listen in to a restaurant manager narrating what's being said here. >> right now, the robber is actually telling the ply, as he is trying to get the gun out of his face, he is telling the employee, give me the money, i want all the money. the employee can't open the safe. >> reporter: the exchange continues with the employee more agitated then suddenly grabbing for the shotgun. there is a small skirmish. the gunman runs but the employee chases after him. here even kicking from behind. the two wrestle just outside the front door. but what turned out to be a fully loaded shotgun. another employee notices and joins. and then the armed robber ends up with his own shotgun pointed directly at him. now outnumbered 3-1. >> he is telling him i wasn't go
to tell the story. first, a member of the research committee and steve and i did a thing called investing on children. we are just about out of copies, but it is available on our web site if you would like to have a copy. none of the papers exceed 300,000 words, which is three good when it is also dollars. he is going to give an overview with special attention to headstart, and he concludes headstart is underperforming. the obama administration has proposed a provocative and well- thought-out reform and based on recommendations of the committee for read designation hryvna 4 re-designation, -- recommendations of the committee for re-resignation, and she will describe headstart reforms, and then after these presentations, we are going to have recommendations from a panel people. we have had a long history as practitioners. first, the head of the national association for education of young children, who was also a member of the re-designation committee. our next guest is here from the university of chicago and is one of the most accomplished people who have defended head start on the basis o
controlled too much. steve is on the air from detroit. caller: women at work in industries represented by unions make the same pay for the same job as men. we need more union representation in this country. unions are not a bad thing. guest: i would endorse that view. we have large numbers of women in jobs in home health and home care. people come in and help disabled folks get ready for the day or take care of the fragile elderly. these jobs are extremely low- paid. the only way we have been able to make any progress at all is when the workers have been able to organize. they are able to do that in california. that makes a huge difference in the dignity and pay of the job. immunized -- in unionized workplaces, women are paid the same as men. at women rising into management ranks and halt that has changed. guest: this is a fascinating movement. this reflects the percentage of managers who are women. you can see it's pretty massive jump -- you can see a pretty massive jump between 1970 and 1990 and then a flattening. the jump coincided with a large jump in labor force participation by w
was steve forbes and in 1995, the winner was bob dole. a look at the campaign calendar -- the announcement of governor perry officially in the race and next up is the florida republican holding a debate in a straw poll that will take place in late september, 22-24. the iowa caucus is set for september 26 next year and that will be followed by the new hampshire primary on valentine's day. julie, republican line, lake erie, illinois, go ahead. caller: i would like to know why cspan missed the first three people yesterday. they totally mr. ron paul as being second. there was so much enthusiasm in iowa for ron paul. we need to get out of this war kand bring our money home to the united states and take care of our debts here. host: he was listed as a close second to rep michelle bachmann. the minnesota republican got 4823 votes. brownstone, mich., welcome to the conversation. caller: i have two little comments to make. everybody is talking about health care and we will get health care and we have to pay for health care. i want somebody to think about something -- i am social security disabled a
on our democrat's line in here is deep. eco gomic ahead, steve.ju you get the last word thisicm er evening. >> caller: thanke you.er i am surprised that i agree with florida.can from texas do -- but if this debt is hanging over the nation, why are increase taxes not on the table? why this reactionary feeling toward taxes? i just don't understand. i mean if you look at the taxes versuswi the growth, the nationt growth over the past 30 years and you look at a graph, and if you can find some correlation either positive or negative between the marginalin tax rate and growth, annual growth in the economy, we should be working il hollywood as you have that much of an imagination. >> host: thanks for all the calls and we dr. k appreciate tr reminder to "washington journal" tomorrow morning at 7:00 eastern nd they are there every day for your phonecalls and comments. the house is done. they finish their legislative work wrapping up this evening with speeches however david drucker of roll call right about the unfinishedbl business in the house.issued this a would be the faa authorization b
morning i am steve. >> i am tony perkens in for alison it is pleasant out there. >> it is nice. tuck. >> gorgeous nice start to the day low humidity later today high temperatures only in the 80s. yeah, only in the 80s for the future. good looking forecast looking forward into the weekend. let's take a look at current numbers, 73 currently regan national check out the 60s to your north and west, 51 frederick, 63 winchester, a little warmer across the bay, currently 75 degrees at the naval air station. >>> sentinel satellite you can see cloud cover slipping south and east and waking up in southern maryland. you will get a few more clouds than the rest of us but with high pressure building from the north and west and breezes out of the north it will be a spectacular day quiet conditions out to the west. here is your forecast and it is a good one your day planner calling for lots of sunshine high temperatures mid-to upper 80s later this afternoon and we will be dry again mostly sunny day. >> okay more details look at the weekend coming up in a couple minutes, traffic and julie. >>> all r
of the candidates randommed for stuff. >> and steve will be live from ames, iowa, and we will see what he has been eating. >>juliet: and now other news, a story from pakistan. officials say gunmen have abducted an american home after storming the home. he is identified at warren winestein a development contract for j.e. austin and the motive is not dealer. foreigners have been targeted by militants in pakistan but unusual for them to stage raid on a victim's home. volunteers resuming a surf for a missing 12-year-old boyfriend, who was hiking with his troops in a utah forest and he was separated. his mother says she is not giving up hope. >> i know there have been thousands and prayers for him and our family, and i seldom and i know if i seldom, and i know he has. >> dog teams also on route to find him. >> casey anthony is forced out of hiding. the 25-year-old was ordered to return to florida to seven probation on check fraud charges in the next two weeks. this requires anthony to report for probation officer and has to undergo drug can alcohol testing at least once a month and requires her to get
bom bomber. steve harrigan has the latest from tripoli just after midnight. good morning. >> several members of gaddafi's immediate family one daughter and two sons crossed over the boarder to algeria, according to algerian officials and it happened as both sides prefair for a major battle along the coast. >> what could be final battle with several thousand gaddafi loyalists is shaping up in the home city of sert. they are approaching from three directions. they are waiting for nato war plane to knock out any scud missile launchers in the ars nel. so far no, credible intelligence has been made public. rebels solidified control over tripoli. gun battles trick ailway. for now, the taps are dry. gasoline has driven to $20 a gallon. another problem is what to do about the lockerbie bomber abdelbaset al-megrahi. released on compassionate charges two years ago. he says he is dying of cancer, slipping in and out of a coma. extra division, the new got says is out of the question. >> is it a rule of law you can't take someone to court twice for the same crime. >> so far no, major report of r
. unmanned as in no pilot. joining us now, steve clemmons, you can find him writing at the note and the atlantic magazine. thank you for joining us tonight. >> sure thing, rachel. >> you were skeptical from the beginning about whether or not outside countries getting involved militarily in libya would produce a positive outcome. you worried the western footprint is too large and this needs to be the libyan people who take control of their own destiny. now, with what is going on in tripoli tonight, was that footprint too large? is this ending as a libyan outcome? how do you feel about this? >> i think president obama watched your show. and he created an intervention that actually, despite the sorties and the various kinds of presence we had, he nonetheless kept the intervention from becoming a slippery slope to a deeper, broader ownership of the outcome. to build on the theme of tonight's show he had a tipping point strategy to tilt the odds toward the rebels, given what they were facing. but this could have gone badly. and we didn't own the outcome. if you listen to president ob
. thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> let's head to the northeast right now still reel prosecuting the wrath of irene. the biggest concern, raging flood waters in vermont. many bridges and roads have been washed away there. national guard helicopters dropping off food and water and special truck are being used to ship in other supplies. >> hurricane irene continues to impact local schools here. let's take a look at those. all calvert and st. mary's county schools are closed today. >> prince george's county schools are open but there are four individual school buildings without power. they are glenarden woods elementary, heather hills elementary, rock ledge elementary and tall oak vocational high school. officials had said they would make a status decision before 6:00. we are expecting to get that word coming down in just a short time. >> holton high school will remain closed today. autopsy arundel has 15 schools that will be closed because of no power. that complete list is on our web site, myfoxdc.com. >>> tucker with is us once ag
woods. the man whose back we see there is this man. this is steve williams, 12 years on tiger's bag, 72 wins including 13 major championships. recently dumped by tiger. now working for sunday's winner, adam scott. and judging by his remarks, steve williams is not happy with mr. woods. listen. >> i was absolutely shocked that i got the boot to be honest with you. i catered to the guy for 13 years, incredibly loyal to the guy and i got short shifted. very disappointing. >> when steve was your guy, he never talked to the media or very rarely talked to the media after an event. last week he said a lot of things, were you surprised by that? >> yeah. >> mike three in the front please. >> that was tiger woods. sort of speaking today from the atlanta athletic cup. i guess you could say tiger has been pretty tight lipped about the divorce from steve williams, would you say? >> yeah, it's been typical tiger, i would say. he's been an exhert at averting the questions. he addressed it without addressing it. caddies do get fired all the time, but in steve williams' defense, this became a real person
about this. host: barak, california. gaithersburg, maryland. republican, steve. caller: looking forward to reading the book. i have to tell you as a moderate republican, i thought cheney was a good congressman. i thought he was a fantastic secretary of defense and the gulf war and i would argue one of the worst vice-president we have ever had. very disappointed. i voted first term for him, and the second, unfortunately because him. i will be interested to read his book to see what his take is. so far from what you have been reading from the reviews, this seems like a guy who was always good and blaming everybody else for failures of the bush administration. host: go ahead. finish up, steve. caller: when of the previous callers -- we are entitled to our own opinions and not entitled to our own facts. the iraq war when it comes to the facts, iave yet to see facts about weapons of mass destructions. i still think we should have gone in regdless. but a previous caller, a fellow republican, the valerie plame story, that there was no connection between him. you can stretch and say there was
if you don't. underpreparation never does anyone any good ." haymarket, virginia. steve, independent line. caller: it was much worse in isabel, but the disaster is in february when the cold front generators are shut down because of obama's repeal the laws of physics, reference in his comic book classes he took a harvard. host: republican, miami, good morning. caller: good morning. i want to comment, all my family is from new york and new jersey. yes, the storm -- my heart goes out to a lot of people that have had a lot of flooding and have to deal with a lot of disaster. i come from florida and we have to deal with this kind of thing during the hurricane season and you have to be normally prepared. this was a shock for a lot of people who not experienced anything like this. when i spoke to families in new york, i was so grateful it was not worse, i got a lot of pictures and trees and everything. as far as the government, it did step up, but at times we have to take responsibility for ourselves. there is a lot of hype about the evacuation of new york. my kids, my daughter and my mom were s
debate where the presidential candidates including mr. romney will face off. fox news contributor steve hayes has the front row seat for tonight's event and is a senior writer for the weekly standard. steve, wow, fireworks on the campaign trail. it kind of reminds me of the town hall meetings we saw a couple of summers ago, where people were so worked up and went to these events and got fired up in the face of various politicians, and you know, was it a real substantive exchange, was it something that was playing out for the cameras? you tell me, what do you think? >> you know, it's interesting. it's been sort of hard to capture exactly how great the centering here is on the ground in iowa. but i think that that video surely demonstrates it. and the interesting thing for mitt romney, as a guy who's known he's got a reputation of being a bit stiff, he doesn't react spontaneously the way that one would want him to, this was a wrap on him back in 2008, he think he handled that quite well. he had i thought sharp comebacks, he was respectful but forceful, he pitch on the dollars in the way t
on steve harvey's book "act like a lady, think like a man." this didn't sit too well with anderson. take a listen. >> i for one cannot imagine why this did not happen sooner. if there's one thing you can say about chris brown, currently on probation for viciously assaulting his then-girlfriend rihanna, he oozes romance. >> how do you really feel, anderson? don't hold anything back. >> say what you think all the time. that's the best job in tv, huh? >> absolutely. >> chris brown did tweet, i guess people need ratings. it's cool, much love. kind of a passive-aggressive response. guess.s trying to move on, i >>> all right, now celebs are uniting to bring focus to africa where there's a lot of -- the food crisis in east africa, you've got beyonce, madonna, u2, they're all agreeing to run this video on their websites and on their social networking sites. you can see a bit of it here. they're not the only ones. britney spears, lady gaga, coldplay, it goes on and on and on, of course to raise attention for the cause. >> using this great bob marley song. >> absolutely. >> stay with us, everybody
the infamous tie and new rules put into -- only iowans can participate. then 99, steve forbes came in and george w. bush and they had an arms race. spent millions. and over 20,000 people showed up. how many people do you think will show up to the straw poll? >> i think between 10,000 and 20,000 will participate. >> that's 20% of maybe the entire turnout for the caucuses. >> exactly. that would be the second largest turnout in history if it were, say, over 12,000. i think that could happen, even though they're not spending as much money, and you don't have romney and you don't have governor perry on the ballot. so despite that, i think there is a lot of interest. and i think people are really upset about what's going on in this country. the huge debt that we have and the fact that we have over 9% unemployment. iowans don't like debt. they elected me as governor. i defeated an incumbent who put the state deep in debt. and iowans want us to get our fiscal house in order. we have done that at the state level. the federal government needs to do that. we need to focus on jobs. that's why
not belong there. here's wzzm's steve patterson. >> it was a pacu. >> reporter: however you say it. >> when i saw them teeth i said, this isn't normal. this is a strange-looking fish. >> reporter: this fish out of water is a fish out of water. so to speak. >> i just thought it was so pretty, the colors. >> reporter: asa and her fiance richard went fishing on sunday in the grand river near their home. after this success something feisty took a bite. >> second i threw the pole out, it was -- the pole was jumping. i said to richard -- >> there it is. >> here it is. >> reporter: it was a pacu, a vehicle darian piranha native to the amazon river in south america. it's a species that doesn't belong in the grand river and it was likely dumped by someone who couldn't take care of it. let's be honest, okay? there's probably a lot o of stu that doeoe't necessarily belong in the grand river. but to dump a species that doesn't belong in the river? some might call that a form of animal cruelty. that's what this fish expert would say. >> mostly it's sad to see there's another pacu that isn't where it belon
and freddie mac, they are trying to convert those into rentals. steve moore is a writer for the "wall street journal." i'll try to get the word out right. i don't know what is happening. the obama administration is looking at these government-backed entities and trying to take the homes that are foreclosed on and turn them into potentially rental properties? >> right. jenna: what is your gut on that, good idea, bad idea, what is that? >> by the way they are government-sponsored enterprises. jenna: thank you. >> the official name for these things. if you look at the last couple of years, this is an amazing statistic, 90% of the new mortgages that have been initiated -- the 0% of those are government guaranteed. what the federal government is basically sitting on right now as you just said is hundreds of thousands of bad mortgages, properties that people have foreclosed on, that there is no payments, no rental phaeuplts or obviously any mortgage payments. what the government is saying here, let's sell them to investors, get renters in the properties so we can get payments on those properties s
are still searching for the driver left the scene could afternoon i am steve sanders and i am nancy loo we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. wgn is muriel clair is live at the children's hospital and oak lawn with the latest on the girls' crown condition which is6 c1critical and the ensuing investigation 6 c1baen the girl was hit last night in the gresham community she is in critical condition her family is6 c1 her one little girl got away from her mother's hand and ran out into the street with a car hit6 c13 her and the car behind him hit him and knocked him over her ... we tended to the little girl and3 he drove off. the police say he was going west3 on a seventh straight the car is6 c1 described as a dark colored sedan of honda or hydai aurora police are releasing new3 details about the disappearance of a six year-old boy in me for i pads and and her son timothy will last seen leaving his school on may 11th amy was found dead in rockford hotel three days later authorities said she committed suicide police have3 asked experts to a
.org. >>  steves: like so much of budapest, hungary's parliament was built for the big 1896 party. its elegant neo-gothic design and riverside location were inspired by its counterpart in london. it's enormous, with literally miles of grand halls, designed to help administer that sprawling, multinational hapsburg empire. by the end of world war i, the hapsburgs were gone, and hungary, while much smaller, was fully independent. but then came the nazis, followed by the communists. that illusive freedom was finally won after the fall of the soviet union in 1989, and since then, the city has blossomed. today, hungary rules only hungary, and it's ruled not by an emperor, but by democratically elected representatives who legislate from what's now a palace of democracy. like vienna, budapest feels more grandiose than the capital of a relatively small country, but the city remains the cultural capital of eastern europe, with a keenly developed knack for good living. you can enjoy that hungarian joy of life at the széchenyi baths. soak with the locals. of the city's two dozen or so traditional mineral bat
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